Americat: Enthusiastic for a cat to the point of dog-like. Sheds on everything, likes to roll in laundry. Curls up on laps without struggle, but will also leave on his own. Rarely shows claws or teeth to humans. His purr could vibrate mountains.
Englandcat: One-person cat. Has to be able to go inside and outside. Likes to pick fights with dogs. Loves breakfast meats. Bad cuddler; easily affronted. Takes up his half of the bed in the middle. When sleepy, licks people's hands.
Russiacat: Perfect cuddler. Begs at the table. His meow can be heard through the house, especially at four in the morning. Fat and lazy to humans, but king of the street to other cats. Friendly to dogs. Needs to be groomed, otherwise his fur gets matted and gross.
Francecat: Pampered as hell. Only eats wet cat food or gourmet people food. Has the keenest sense of who is the least cat-person in the room and chooses them as their person of the moment. No cloth furniture is safe from his fur or claws. Loves being brushed.
Italycat: Wins the dumbest cat award. Run into walls and falls off chairs. Tail is short because it got run over by a moped. Likes to nap in the sun, especially on a balcony, *especially* in a flowerbed. Easily frightened by loud noises. HATES dogs.
Romanocat: Second place in dumbest cat award. Likes to play with the people on the TV. Bites people. Easily irritated. Challenges passing dogs through the window, but never actually fights them. His short tail is a cosmetic choice made as a kitten.
Spaincat: Bronze medalist in dumbest cat race. Chases rubber bands and dustballs. Surprisingly good in a cat fight. Sits on any lap he sees. Steals food from plates. Has a friend turtle in the backyard he plays with when it's raining.
Germanycat: Indoor cat. Entered in cat shows. Chases bugs. Also chases feet. Still baffled by his reflection. Doesn't play well. Bad with small children. Would eat pet birds & fish if given the chance. Hates his neck ribbon.
Prussiacat: Alley cat. Fights with house cats, hence the scars. Been caught by animal control several times, adopted, and ran away from new home. Eats all small animals he catches, except birds. Likes potato chips.
Japancat: Quiet. Doesn't meow much. Good lap cat. Stays indoors, even given the option to go out. Hates ham & other sandwich meats. Likes to sit on the back of chairs and couches. Sleeps on owner's pillow. Hides under bed when strangers come around.
Chinacat: High-strung, fussy. Mostly outdoor cat. Loves water. Likes to leave presents on the doorstep. Easily distracted by laser pointers and butterflies. Doesn't know that his 'ponytail' is there; when he does see it, he chases it like his tail. Claws first, makes friends later.
Greececat: Sleeps anywhere, anytime. You could carry him around the house and he wouldn't wake up. Purrs in his sleep. Eats dog food and cat food. Also eats plants. Most awake in the early hours of the morning.
Austriacat: Poster cat for Fancy Feast. Doesn't like to be pet unless he knows you well. Sleeps in an actual goddamned cat bed. Bathes himself constantly. Scared of computers, printers, and their alien noises.
Hungarycat: Sweet to humans, bitch to other cats. Also dogs. Has the most adorable meow you've ever heard. Often subjected to humiliation of the dress-up variety. Fights the most with Prussiacat; gave him the scar on his eye.



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