Original ‘Meet the Scout’ recordings (Lines that were cut from the official ’Meet the’ video)





more or less



There was this one time I went to a zoo and you had a chance to take a picture with a trained tiger or whatever and so I did and I was eating lollipop at the time and right before the picture was taken the tigers tail hit my lollipop and got its fucking hair in it and my mom made me throw it away and I was pissed off the rest of the day

Fuck you you piece of shit overgrown cat asshole I hate you I wanted that lollipop


I’ve done it I’ve found my favourite Homestuck pesterlog


i’m sure this happened at least once


the opening of the hetalia anime dubbed with “reading software” in the languages the characters would speak (minus a few that they couldn’t find and had to sub with similar languages IIRC)

originally “【ヘタリア】各国語で喋ってもらった” on nicovideo this was removed for violating copyright rules but I am a creep and had ripped it when it was still up lol… this is one of my favourite Hetalia MAD series… this one never fails to make me laugh at the end

even if our countries are different,
if our words are different,
if our characters are different,
i always want to gaze at the same moon as you. ( )

I am allowed to do things that make me happy.


I am allowed to do things that make me happy.

I am allowed to do things that make me happy.

It’s not a waste of time because it makes me happy.

And that is important.


Remember that time England beat France up while stuck in a trashcan?